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Acne Scar Removal Beverly Hills | Acne Scar Treatment


A skin disorder that can destroy both the complexion and one’s self-confidence

While acne is usually associated with adolescence, many adults suffer from this irritating skin ailment and seek out treatment from a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. Acne doesn’t just appear on the face; it also targets the arms, back, shoulders, buttocks, chest and neck. The raised legions can heal poorly, leaving debilitating scars and craters in their wake. Often the skin reacts with redness, swelling, soreness and inflammation, causing significant distress and interrupting the normal flow of life. The Biomed Spa offers acne treatment and acne scar removal in Beverly Hills to combat and reverse the effects of this skin ailment.

How does acne form?

Rooted at the base of each facial hair follicle is an oil gland that produces the appropriate amount of secretion to keep the skin healthy and glowing. When these hair follicle roots become saturated with dirt, dead cells, debris or makeup, the oil builds up, creating a pimple. Sometimes these growths fill with bacteria, making their spread throughout the skin cells even worse. They may mushroom to become pustules, lesions, cysts or nodules.

How do acne scars form?

Many clients struggle with picking at their pimples. This sometimes leaves damaging scars, which are due to an excess of collagen being released by the body to compensate for a wound. Acne scars are quite troublesome because even after the pimples themselves have healed, they still leave a trail that can negatively affect the appearance.

What are some causes of acne?

There are several factors that contribute to acne, including overproduction of the androgen hormone during the teenage years, or a general change in the oil glands’ functioning. There is also the possibility that acne is genetic and is passed on through the generations.

What are the best treatments for acne and acne scar removal?

The Biomed Spa is pleased to offer our Beverly Hills clients a wide selection of procedures that can revitalize the skin and clear up the complexion. We may suggest antibiotics, retinoids or glycolic acid, or may direct a client towards birth control pills, which can regulate hormones. Medications like Isotretinoin may also be prescribed.

In addition, your aesthetician may recommend laser therapy, CO2 laser treatment, dermaplaning, dermabrasion, fraxel laser, Vbeam, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, chemical peels and facials, or cortisone injections. These are all excellent acne treatment options. Visit The Biomed Spa for some excellent results from acne scar removal Beverly Hills clients can rely on.

Why should I choose The Biomed Spa for my treatment?


Gorgeous, youthful skin is one of The Biomed Spa’s specializations. We have been helping clients from Beverly Hills and beyond for decades to look and feel their best, providing them with personalized attention and a customized treatment plan that targets their individual skincare needs.

Our integrity demands that we never suggest a treatment that isn’t required, however. We dote on each patient and take as long as is needed to answer all their questions. Our providers believe that knowledge about a certain procedure is empowerment, and we want only well being and confidence for all our clients before they move forward.

How can I get started with acne and acne scarring treatment?

Setting up a confidential consultation with one of our top aestheticians in the comfort and warmth of our Beverly Hills med spa is easy. During your Beverly Hills acne treatment, your provider will examine your skin and make his or her best recommendations for moving forward. He or she will discuss each type of acne treatment with you and help you to decide what is best for your lifestyle.

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