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Stretch Marks Treatment | Permanent Makeup Beverly Hills

Stretch Marks

After pregnancy or a significant weight gain and loss, the abdomen or other area of the body can be left with unsightly stretch marks. Although there are several surgical procedures that can reduce or eliminate certain stretch marks by removing excess skin, there are other alternatives. If you have red or blue stretch marks marring your skin, treating the condition with a process called “cosmetic micropigmentation,” or permanent makeup, can be effective in reducing the appearance of the marks.

How Cosmetic Micropigmentation Works

A stretch mark is a scar; the skin has been stretched to the point that an actual scar has been created. The cosmetic micropigmentation procedure involves embedding an organic pigment under the skin to add permanent color, camouflaging the appearance of the stretch marks in Beverly Hills patients. This procedure is often used to enhance eyebrows or lips as permanent makeup, and can be effective for stretch marks. A hand-held system applies the pigment by puncturing the skin hundreds of times per minute with a tiny needle, and pushing the pigment into the targeted area.

Treating Stretch Marks without Surgery

In many cases, the stretch marks appear on the lower abdomen, flanks, and breasts. They may have appeared during adolescence when the body quickly matured, or due to weight gain and loss. Many clients seek out advanced treatments that will reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks without surgery. Various treatments are available that can improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of red or blue stretch marks on the body. It may require a series of treatments to effectively improve the look of stretch marks, with various techniques and technologies applied, based upon the color, size, and shape of the stretch marks. Some of the non-surgical treatments that may be effective in treating your specific case include:

Stretch Mark Treatments at Biomed Spa in Beverly Hills, CA

The first step in any treatment for stretch marks or other visible scars is to have the condition of your skin evaluated, as well as the extent of the stretch marks on your body. As every person is in a unique position, the treatment plan for your case will be customized to match your condition. We have achieved some dramatic improvements in the appearance of stretch marks with permanent makeup.

Your Body and Your Self-Confidence

Many people who have stretch marks feel deeply embarrassed, and refuse to wear revealing clothing so that the skin in the area is hidden. Even when the rest of the body is fit and toned, stretch marks can mar an even skin tone. At our Beverly Hills med spa, our goal is to help our clients regain confidence in how they look, from the face to body.

If you are dismayed by the appearance of stretch marks on your body that will not fade, we have various treatments, including permanent makeup to assist in restoring a more even skin tone, hiding the appearance of the marks. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks can dramatically change how your feel about your body, and help you regain your self-esteem and feelings of empowerment – and allow you to wear more revealing clothing with confidence. If you are looking to achieve seamless, beautiful results from some of the best permanent makeup Beverly Hills can lay claim to, visit Dr. Garth Fisher's Biomedspa.

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.” William Blake
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