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Radiesse Beverly Hills | BioMed Spa by Dr. Fisher


Our Beverly Hills Radiesse treatment is one of the most multifaceted dermal fillers on the market. It not only combats wrinkles and fine lines around the lips, eyes, nose and jaw, but can also work as a liquid implant, augmenting the cheeks, the nose or the chin. Radiesse is also appropriate for treating withered, unattractive hands, restoring their plumpness and vitality.

Radiesse penetrates the skin’s deepest layers to help restore the collagen that is depleted by the aging process. Collagen is one of the body’s most potent proteins, responsible for suppleness and brightness in the skin. By replacing this dwindling supply of collagen, Radiesse affirms its status as a virtual ‘fountain of youth’.

How is Radiesse formulated?

Radiesse’s main active ingredient is minute spheres of gel-enclosed calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance that once injected, works to revive the collagen we lose as we age, while also providing much-needed moisturization of the skin cells. Radiesse thus fortifies the skin’s internal scaffolding, bringing an increase in firm, youthful skin that is radiant and resilient.

Radiesse can be used to treat:

  • Laugh lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lip volume
  • Cheek volume
  • Chin volume
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hands

Advantages of Radiesse include…

  • Safe, FDA-approved
  • High level of patient satisfaction
  • Minimal downtime or discomfort
  • Non-surgical alternative to facelift
  • Can be used in combination with other fillers
  • Ideal for treating defects of the jaw or mouth
  • Alternative to augmentation implants
  • Results immediately visible
  • Stimulates lost stores of collagen
  • Firms, tones and lifts
  • Short, 30-minute treatment
  • Perfect for clients with skin allergies
  • Results last up to one year

What to expect on the day of treatment

Your Beverly Hills Radiesse treatment begins with the aethetician marking the sites for injection using a special pen. Next he or she will administer a topical anesthetic if you require one. This is to ensure your complete comfort and relaxation during the procedure. Using an ultra fine needle that you can hardly feel, the practitioner will inject the target areas. Most report that the treatment is over before they even know it’s begun, and a majority of patients return to work directly afterwards.

After receiving Radiesse

While most clients do not experience much discomfort, some may find their skin is swollen, red or tingly after injection. These reactions are perfectly normal and will most likely abate within hours or by the next day. An icepack or a few ibuprofen can greatly assist in minimizing your pain.

For a few days after treatment, it is advisable to abstain from vigorous movement such as aerobics, as well as exposure to direct sunlight. Makeup should be avoided for the first week or two, giving the skin time to heal.

Radiesse results tend to be instant, which is intensely gratifying for clients. Meanwhile, the ingredients in Radiesse continue to produce positive changes over time as collagen is restored. Depending on different factors such as age, skin texture, lifestyle and diet, Radiesse results tend to last for at least one year. See your aesthetician at The Biomed Spa for some of the best applications of Radiesse Beverly Hills has to offer.

How do I learn more about Radiesse?

To get started, simply schedule a confidential consultation with one of our top aestheticians in the privacy and welcoming comfort of our Beverly Hills office suites.

During your session, your provider will examine your skin and help you to decide if Radiesse is ideal for your needs and lifestyle. The aesthetician will gather your medical history, review prior anti-aging regimens if any, and formulate a customized treatment plan that attends to your wishes. We at The Biomed Spa are passionate about educating patients prior to their procedure, so do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you like. Knowledge is empowerment in our book.

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