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Scar Removal Beverly Hills | Laser Scar Removal Beverly Hills

Scar Removal

While scars initially form as a self-protective mechanism in response to a wound, after they heal they can cause cosmetic – as well as functional – problems. The removal and revision of scars can offer a significant change in quality of life for many patients. Scars can be physically debilitating, interfering with the normal range of motion. They can also have a serious effect on one’s social outlook and sense of confidence in facing the world, especially if the scars appear on the face or hands where they cause a major distraction.

Today’s cosmetic landscape is full of innovative, state-of-the-art technology that can help remove and reverse scars, restoring the skin to a blemish-free state while uplifting the client’s spirits. In addition to fraxel or CO2 lasers, doctors may use z-plasty, skin grafting, tissue flaps, tissue expanders, surgery, dermabrasion, fillers and injectables, steroids or skin resurfacing as tools to address scars of all kinds. With so many approaches available, there is virtually no scar that can’t be lessoned. Come into The Biomed Spa for some of the best, professional laser scar removal Beverly Hills has to offer.

Steady, gradual progress

For scar removal, Beverly Hills patients must possess a great deal of patience, for although the treatment modalities are quite effective, they often require repeated exposure and multiple sessions to fully fade the scars. Sometimes this can take up to several years, but it can be worth it to finally be free of an unwanted scar.

Remember that no scar can be 100% eliminated. Rather, the removal process is a gradual lessoning of the scar’s pigment, so that the scar blends seamlessly with the rest of the skin’s coloring.

A variety of scar types to be treated

Facial scars

In today’s image-conscious society, facial scarring can cause intense distress. This type of blemish may seriously distort the facial features, or may simply distract from an otherwise attractive appearance. Facial scar removal is possible, however, at the hands of trained, board certified specialists such as those at The Biomed Spa.

Acne scars

These result from the irritated craters where dirt, oil, bacteria and dead cells have blocked the pore site, forming an unsavory blemish. Visit The Biomed Spa for beautiful results from acne scar removal Beverly Hills patients can depend on.

Keloid scars

Raised and red, these scars result from an excess of collagen that forms around the site of trauma or injury. They are often treated surgically, or with steroids.

Hypertrophic scars

When the body undergoes trauma, it sometimes overproduces collagen protein, causing a raised scar to appear. Common hypertrophic scars can be seen as the result of a burn, piercing, or cut. These scars only span the length of the injury.

Contracture scars

Also known as burn scars, these appear when the skin contracts or hardens to deal with hot temperatures or chemicals. These types of scars demand instant treatment, otherwise they can be disfiguring.

Scheduling a consultation

The first step in getting help for your scars is to set up a private consultation with one of our top aestheticians in the warmth and comfort of our beautiful med spa in Beverly Hills. There you will receive one-on-one attention along with superior care and customer service.

During your initial Beverly Hills scar removal session, your practitioner will examine your skin, record your medical history, write down any medications you might be taking and work with you to design the ideal treatment plan that pinpoints your needs and addresses your aesthetic goals. This is a great time to ask questions. Our providers love to inform and educate our patients, as we believe this leads to better results in the long run.

The aesthetician can also show you our extensive library of before and after photographs. This can be of real assistance in helping you align your expectations with what is possible. Scar revision is a complex and delicate process, but The Biomed Spa provides excellent service and visible results.

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